The Council for Living Music (CLM) provides direct access to one of the world's largest, most diverse and highly skilled groups of music industry professionals. Within our ranks one may find TV, radio, recording, and Broadway performers, members of such institutions as the New York Philharmonic and other prominent orchestral ensembles, and world famous jazz, blues, rock and folk musicians.


The mission of the Council for Living Music is to enhance the public's recognition of the art of live music and live musical performance in all of its forms. We are dedicated to increasing public awareness of and appreciation for all styles of musical performances, preserving historic contemporary musical forms and encouraging the development of new varieties of musical expression that evolve through live performance.

The joy, passion and creative response evoked by the sounds of musicians playing actual instruments is an essential part of the human experience. This experience transcends language, borders and cultures. The Council for Living Music is working to provide this experience to young people by preserving live musical performance, by supporting the musicians whose art and skills sustain it, and by championing music education for all.

The Council for Living Music

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